Simone de Leuw

Marketing Manager

Monique QuinteroSimone has proven to be a great asset to ēluminəs with her multi-faceted background, time-management and analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Simone began her career in marketing, but then followed her passion for science and earned a PhD in Geochemistry from the University of California Los Angeles in cooperation with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She then returned to the creative world and worked as a Score Production Manager on more than 20 international films. Simone and her husband also launched their own production company and worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, Coty and Astor Cosmetics on “behind-the-scenes” and “the-making-of” projects.

Simone holds a two-time awarded Master’s degree from the University of Münster (Germany) and is an author who has published her first children’s book.

Simone’s iPod Playlist: is currently over-taken by her two little children.