Our Process


Our Process…Simplicity, Clarity, and Innovation that delivers results through Social, Mobile, Content, Content Delivery, and Strategy to build your brand as a LIFESTYLE.


As information technology accelerates – social media’s ability to reach people anywhere, anytime – is approaching critical mass. Simply put, social media has exponentially changed the way successful brands are built.


We help you manage, design, and strategically market your brand touch points, so that you can identify new revenue-generating opportunities, while maximizing the ones you already have.


It’s not if you do it, but how. Your brand is only as strong as the compelling story you tell, the social platform you build, and the communities you create, cultivate, and monetize.


Whether print, video, music, web, or mobile, creating compelling content is at the core of your brand and uniquely shapes how you successfully communicate to your consumers. Great, customized content provides entertaining, targeted messaging and client engagement.

Image-makers 2.0

Content creators, curators, and message-makers are now the gatekeepers and evangelists of your brand, as consumers engage with your brand increasingly through social media.

elumines_182x40 exists to help you develop and deliver on the promise of your brand – to build, nurture, and grow inspired communities, while creating a unique platform that encourages consumers to become a part of your brand as a LIFESTYLE.