Agust Ingasson

Financial and Business Development Strategist

Agust_1From 2001-2012, Agust served as Executive Vice President, LazyTown Entertainment in Iceland. Responsible for international business relations, development, finance, marketing, and general management, he was instrumental in developing and spearheading one of the most highly acclaimed, global children’s television series and franchises in contemporary broadcasting.
Having grown the company from a two-person operation in Iceland into a broadcast phenomenon in over 100 countries worldwide, Agust helped guide LazyTown to award-winning and nomination status, including multiple EDDA and BAFTA wins, a PROTOS Award, and numerous Emmy nominations.

Recently Agust has been sharing his uniquely prolific, twenty years of experience in entertainment and finance as a consultant to pioneering startup companies. Through his proven sense of vision and strategy, Agust consistently advances his clients’ market value and comercial viability.

Agust currently holds the position of Chief Strategy Officer for an upcoming 3D software company in Silicon Valley, Designing Reality, that converts images into high quality 3D models.

In addition to his accolades in entertainment, Agust is equally adept in the financial sector and has held key positions of increasing authority, such as the Head of International Funds and Discretionary Management for Institutional Investors, Asset Manager, and Fund Manager for the Bunadarbanki Islands in Iceland.
He also was responsible for launching the first Venture Capital Fund that invested in international Venture Capital Funds, providing institutional investors in Iceland first- time access to investments in international venture capital. The Funds are still successfully active today.

Prior to his engagement with Venture Capital Fund, Agust worked in international banking with ABN AMRO in London and the AAA Supranational bank in Helsinki, Finland named Nordic Investment Bank, where he developed an External Asset Management program for the Equity portfolio of the bank. The program established a new benchmark portfolio for the external asset managers and is still a current program within the bank.

In 1994, Agust graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with an M.A. in Economics and subsequently received his CFA Charter in 1997. Only 11% of all people who embark on the CFA Charter test ultimately succeed.

Agust’s iPod Playlist: All Along the Watchtower -The Ultimate Experience – Jimi Hendrix Experience, I Married an Angel – Atlicity – Atli Björn, All I Need – Moon Safari – Air, Amazing – Patience – George Michael, Leyndarmal – Dýrð í Dauðaþögn- Asgeir Trausti