In a “let there be light moment” [or at least the progress of lightening, forward motion], I engaged the question…Is it possible to better address the niche business void and perplexing questions that successful and forward-thinking companies are being challenged with every day?

“How do we better consolidate resources, reduce overhead, and increase profits, while improving client engagement?  How do we better embrace the “brave new world” of the business of social media to transform our brand into a sustaining LIFESTYLE?

In a visually stunning and somewhat “blinging”, [I assure you] – “A-ha” moment, I could only think of one solution – or perhaps a better question and an indelibly, intriguing proposition…

What would happen if you assembled the most qualified experts in multiple media disciplines – people with whom you’ve worked with for more than a decade, who are proven leaders, brand “progressors”, and media visionaries who share a common sense of integrity, social consciousness, and superlative creative and business achievements?

Could it possibly be an Olympic-relay, media dream team? – (hit) lightening bolt – YES! – and in a light speed, electronic baton pass – most certainly, the magical birth and professional alignment of skill sets + successful results = ēluminəs.

Fond of advanced mathematical equations and forever admiring the highest caliber talent…I marveled as the team formed despite me – mysteriously and seamlessly – like the constellations that still guide the night skies today (and of course, tonight)…REALLY!

And so…with profound and utter gratitude to the magical stars and starlets who make the ēluminəs constellation possible + fun = remarkable…I thank you…

JENNIFER CHEUNG—Goddess of Photography and Production Styling
TOMMY COSTER—Grand Master of Music, Sound and Vision
SLOANE MANN—Queen of Design Direction, Branding, and Genius (in general)
GREG MANN—King of Design Direction, Media Strategy and Superb taste (in general)
KEN MOSESIAN—”Court” Advisor Extraordinaire, Cause-Related Marketing, Communications, and Leadership
SHEILA MORRIS—Queen of “the world”, Publicity and Public Relations
STEVEN NILSSON—God of Photography and Production Styling
PRISCILLA PESCI—Court Jester, Professional Juggler + Excellent Baton Passer!

And to those of you about to become our clients – albeit for the long haul…I thank you…and politely request that – you firmly fasten your seat belts and GET READY FOR TAKE-OFF!!