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We identify talented, commercially viable artists and composers to create ongoing music content of all genres – across film, TV, mobile, and / or short form content.


We activate our relationships and community of producers, studios, and musicians to assist artists and composers to record, produce, and realize superior, creative execution of any genre of music content.


Developing artists within a collaborative environment, we access an experienced team of seasoned, successful contemporaries to establish a clear creative direction, unique style, and commercial niche.


EMG ongoingly supplies access to A-list music supervisors, show runners, producers, and the Hollywood production industry with quality content from our catalog of talented artists and composers.

Our longstanding relationships with both major and Indie labels, also allow us to identify advantageous label opportunities for our artists after their projects have successfully gained traction through EMG’s content placements.



EMG specializes in syncing artist content to Film, TV, and Commercials through a very personalized, extensive, and global label, studio, and broadcast network, procured through the careers of EMG Principals, Tommy Coster and Priscilla Pesci.

Publishing and Co-Publishing

Through our relationships with publishers and their administration divisions, we offer a seamless and fair system to deliver publishing advances, quarterly royalty payments, and additional collaborative opportunities with writers under the various umbrellas of leading publishing companies.

Original Composition

EMG possesses an established roster and arsenal of composers, offering custom music for any and all productions across all viable distribution platforms.

Media Services and Distribution

In synergy with elumines_182x40 Marketing, Brand Acceleration and Media Services, we can capitalize on the momentum created by a sync placement and drive that particular project in viable, cross-platform markets to create additional visibility and revenue generating opportunities for the artist.

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