Even Olympic trash-talkers can inspire transformation

The following article on Olympic snowboarder / trash-talkers gave me pause…it’s the Olympics…the historic event that is so much greater than individual perspective and personal discord. Becoming an Olympian is a truly amazing lifetime achievement, transcending the very concept of sports, where an athlete has the opportunity to compete against the very best athletes in the world, while having the privilege to represent his or her country. What an extreme honor…what an opportunity to choose unity, create greater team solidarity, and foster the power of positivity.  Think about it – thinking, being, and creating “the positive” is so much more powerful and creates such better overall results…a thought we should take to work with us every day and remember within all of our steps as we encounter the many people who cross our paths, every day.  We can choose to make or break magic…inevitably, creating magic is empowering and a true team effort — a much better choice and a better way to effect change just by being – well, better with our thoughts and actions.